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The articles found in the different categories contain information pertaining to all aspects of estate management and planning. These articles are drawn from over 30 years experience in the field following cases and helping individuals as well as small businesses with their legal needs.

  • The articles on Wills cover topics such as why you need a will, what to do when a there was not a will left, how best to protect children and loved ones through your will, how to set up an executor, and even topics to help in revising your will.
  • The articles on Trusts disclose many truths and mistruths about trusts, demystifies the realities behind what a trust can and cannot do to protect your estate, and gives practical advise on properly establishing a trust.
  • The articles on Estate Planning cover the basics and most frequent mistakes of planning an estate. Topics include those for the single parent, an extended or blended family, and disabled as well as retired individuals. They also discuss basic tax planning issues to ensure that the estate tax is taken into consideration when setting up the estate.
  • The articles on Advanced Planning deal with not usually considered topics such as life insurance beneficiaries, how gifts are looked at from a legal perspective for individuals of all ages, saving for college, and planning against disability.
  • The articles on Probate detail the probate process, coping with the loss of a loved one, and how to avoid the pitfalls of the probate system.


What a will does and does not cover.

Life's changes can render a will obsolete just as easily as a change in the law.

The difference between a simple will and a trust will.

Estate planning starts with a will. Beneficiary designations must be coordinated with it.

The legal issues for succession planning for a family business and how to devise a strategy.


The differences between a living trust and a testamentary trust and how to choose a trustee.

What are trust scams and how to avoid them.

What is a living trust and how is it created.

The importance of trusts for persons with permanent disabilities

Estate Planning

minimum estate planning that you have to do.

Common mistakes made in estate planning.

Estate planning and retirement accounts, especially IRA's.

Estate planning for divorced persons.

Combining two families after a remarriage creates new issues.

Contingency planning for a permanent disability.

Different insurance policies for different needs.

Advanced Planning

What to do after you buy the policy.

Some of the legal and planning issues created by joint ownership of assets.

Tax favored college savings plans are a great tool.

Why you need an Advanced Medical Directive.

An introduction to nursing homes, Medicare and Medicaid.

Exactly how you are "titled-owner" of real property can contribute to a good estate plan.


Some of the ways you can minimize the impact of your death by some up-front estate planning.

What is "probate" and why you should not fear the process.

The probate process and the laws for estates in Georgia.

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