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Special Trusts

I am going to write this month about the rather predictable situation of someone who is permanently disabled because of a medical condition from childhood, or because of a medical condition at an advanced age.

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Does Your Will Need Revising?

Changes in a person's life over a ten year period can undercut the effectiveness of the best estate plan. Children can turn into terribly irresponsible young adults. Juveniles can become surprisingly responsible citizens.

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I Just Need a Simple Will

How many times have I heard it? A person calls me and wants to schedule an appointment. All they need is a simple will for a husband and wife.

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How Do You Own Your Home?

Owning your home seems to be a very passive activity, until some repair work has to be done. This "how to" article is not about fixing things around the house. I am going to write about how you own your residence and other real estate.

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Before you get sick

It seems like everyone has heard of the "Living Will." For about 15 years it was one of two statutes in Georgia that addressed the situation of an incapacitated patient who had an irreversible condition that was expected to cause death in a relatively short time, or was in a coma or persistent vegetative state that was reasonably believed to be permanent.

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Advanced Planning

It is such a simple question when you are completing a life insurance policy application. Who do you want to receive the death benefit in the event of your death?

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A Will for The Family Business

If you ever consult a financial planner, one of the issues on his or her checklist is going to be, "Do you have an up-to-date will?" It is a standard practice, and not because the planner is trying to sell legal services.

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